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New charity name approved by the charities commission.

Great news! In response to the current Covid-19 pandemic and the economic and social impact on our communities the charity formerly known as ‘Batley Homeless Project’ has changed its name to West Yorkshire Hardship Project.

The charities key aims, however, remain unchanged and it will continue to support those who are homeless or in severe financial hardship. Derek Hallas chairman explained “The charity’s aims have always been to find solutions and ways to reduce or prevent hardship and homelessness, in addition to supporting those who are currently experiencing it. We know that following the outbreak of Covid-19 that the social and economic outlook further down the line would potentially have a detrimental and significant impact on the community in the future.

The Trustees of the charity felt that the name change would clearly reflect our wider inclusion of those in need and to open up new ways in which we can support our community”

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