Emergency Home Delivery Service

In response to the current government lockdown, we are now seeking safer ways to help those in desperate need.

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Are you eligible for a bag of groceries?

To qualify for a bag of groceries you must provide evidence of ONE of the following:

  1. Universal credit
  2. Other proof of current hardship
  3. Be a low-income family
  4. On job seekers allowance

For a single person, only 1 bag will be provided per request and for 2 or more people living in the same household then 2 bags per request will be delivered.

**Deliveries will generally be on Wednesday and Friday only subject to availability**

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Claim your groceries

Fill out our form below if you believe you’re eligible for our emergency bag of groceries.

Proof of benefits

We will then email you requesting your proof of benefit. Benefit criteria can be found above.

Contactless free delivery

One of our amazing volunteers will then come and deliver this to your door. We will knock, place your food down and move away from the door for your safety.

Request a bag of groceries

If you would like to request a bag of groceries through our Emergency Home Delivery Service please send your details no later than Monday of each week to receive your bag of groceries during that week.

You can send you details via this form, or contact Dewsbury 07924 682239 / Leeds 0113 4790209