Ways to donate and support us.

You can make donations cash, food, clothing or toiletry donations to one of our community outreaches in Dewsbury or Leeds.

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Getting people through the most difficult times in their lives.

Reasons to support us

Faced with the prospect of or going through financial hardship can be immense and happen to anyone at any time. We hope that by providing people with the support they need to get through this difficult time with food, drinks, clothing, toiletries and other living essentials will make a difference to the recovery. Similarly, people who find themselves homeless or facing homelessness and in need of signposting to housing, debt and gambling advice, benefits, alcohol or drug addiction or in need of support for domestic abuse will be listened to and supported throughout.

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A small contribution makes a big difference.

Ways you can support us

We run different campaigns at different points throughout the year to support those in need. Whether this be our ‘winter campaign’ where we look to provide essential clothing and accessories for those rough sleeping. Please see our Facebook page here for current campaigns.

Finding the best way for you

How to support us

Living essential donations

We can only accept food, drinks or toiletries that are currently still within use by date or if not far from the best before date. Used clothing is currently restricted due to the Covid -19 and that any donations can not be handled for at least 72 hours for risk of transmission. Similarly, sleeping bags, quilts etc will also need to have a 72 hour quarantine time. For more information please email donations@westyorkshirehardship.org.uk.

Drop off points:

2 Church Street, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF13 3LA

18 Castlefields, Rothwell, LS26 0GN

Cash or Cheque Donations

Cash donations are always welcome online or would need to be handed to a Trustee of the charity who would need someone to verify and bank the funds at the earliest possible opportunity.

For details of our bank then please contact 07427 652683 or email donations@westyorkshirehardship.org.uk.

Online Donations

You can also donate online via JustGiving too.


As a community charity we always welcome new volunteers from all backgrounds. We are certain that we could use the time you have free and the skills that you have in a positive and rewarding way. Please email volunteer@westyorkshirehardship.org.uk in the first instance for further details.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to reduce the number of volunteers in enclosed spaces to comply with social distancing rules. We also would need to be aware of any health conditions that may put you at high risk should you contract the virus, this is to help us ensure that the volunteering you undertake is in the best interests of your health and any other family member.

Apply to volunteer


    This is an excellent way to highlight how the charity is making a difference to local peoples’ lives and at the same time providing us with the ability to do more to help those in need. Please complete the form below or email fundraising@westyorkshirehardship.org.uk with any details you have.